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Title: The Sky Is Taking Pictures
Author: Uti
Pairing: Kris/Chen
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluffy speculative fiction (bite me)
Word Count: 2,000++
Author's Notes: I have no idea what I wrote. I just wanted to write some Krong. Fanart by the awesome bambobino! :D

The storm was raging when Kris found the one lightning that ignited a spark in his mundane life.Collapse )

Title: Prologue to Government AU
Pairing: None; Sehun-centric
Rating: G
Length: 787 words
Summary: Sehun's in trouble, and he's hoping to get out of it.

“...and so, you might have to drop out.”Collapse )

03 Dec 2012 - Artists
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13 Jan 2013 - Love

Title: Love
Pairing: Lay/Kris
Rating: G
Genre: Romance
Length: 784 words
Summary: Yixing dies the moment the stars align.

Author’s Note: Based on a prompt by bambobino. Best read with Rembihnútur by Sigur Rós. Download the song here.

They say that when you meet your one true love, time stops.Collapse )

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